Artificial Grass Las Vegas Nevada
Artificial Grass Las Vegas Nevada
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Synthetic Sports Fields in Las Vegas

Sports fields all over Las Vegas, Nevada, are being fitted with Global Syn-Turf's top-of-the-line synthetic turf. Take it from a sports champion himself: Our sports field grasses are so highly developed and apt for application on sports fields that Ottis Anderson, former Super Bowl MVP, said that the difference in quality between the turf he was playing on years ago and our products today is like night and day. With all-season performance and playability, Las Vegas sports teams, leagues, and communities at large love our artificial grass because it allows their players to realize their full potential, compete at higher levels, and maximize their physical activity. Furthermore, Global Syn-Turf reduces abrasions and other injuries, and is low maintenance, saving money and water. Our recreational turf is apt for application on soccer fields, baseball fields, football fields, tennis courts, and more -- not to mention it looks freshly cut and perfectly manicured all year round. Call us today to install synthetic turf in your sports field, and increase the camaraderie of your community.
  • Relative to natural grass, it saves time lost from injuries
  • Increases the potential for revenue generation
  • Improves water conservation
  • Durable surface
  • Performs in all weather conditions
  • Helps players realize their full potential


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Save Water & Receive Rebates!

Being in the company of winners is something Global Syn-Turf knows a lot about. Bernhard Langer, two-time Masters champion, one of the most successful players on the Champions Tour with four senior major championships, the Player of the Year 2014, Ottis O.J. Anderson, NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, Super Bowl XXV MVP, use and endorse the premium artificial golf greens and sports fields turf professionally designed and installed by the company they believe is the best in the business: Global Sun-Turf.
The Water Smart Landscapes Rebate program helps property owners convert natural grass to desert-tolerant landscaping, a lavish though water-efficient landscape.

You can get $1.50 per square foot of grass removed and replaced with drought-tolerant landscaping to the first 5,000 square feet converted per property, per year. Beyond the first 5,000 feet, SNWA will provide a rebate of $1 per square foot.

No sure if your HOA covers artificial turf? According to Nevada water agency, it is acceptable to substitute mulch with synthetic grass if it meets the requirement of 50 percent plant coverage. To apply for Water Smart Landscape Program submit your application before removing your lawn or sprinklers. If you don't have a living maintained lawn, you are not qualified for a rebate.

Call us for free consultation and an estimate. We can make you life much easier with our top-quality products and services.
Top 5 Reasons Why Choose Artificial Grass Las Vegas Nevada

Ultra-Realistic Fiber Technology
With more than eleven distinguished blade designs, Kool-max, Fresh Cut, and Flo-Rite-Thru technologies are more than just options. From performance to the look and smell, from simple, flat-cut grass leaves to the most advanced complicated technologies in synthetic turf's manufacturing...

Factory-Direct Pricing
We have more than 60 products with price ranging from less than $1 per sq.ft. Everyday offers, introductory prices and special holiday sales can save you thousands of dollars immediately. Besides, our products contribute to water conservation efforts wherever they are installed.

Same Day Shipping
Unlike most synthetic grass vendors in the United States, we are always in stock to provide quick, same/next day shipping, or pickup. As a fact, we have the largest inventory in the country. Our warehouse in San Diego is open Monday – Friday for local pickups. Local delivery is available upon request.

Professional Service
Looking for the highest-quality products, the current tools and technologies of the trade, fair pricing, speedy shipment, and attentive customer service? Our dedicated staff will help you save time, resources and money by ensuring every step of your project is done professionally and quickly.
Industry Leading Warranty
A good warranty is hard to find. This is why purchasing a Global Syn-Turf 10-Year Warranty is such a good idea! Global Syn-Turf prioritizes being able to help the customer when anything goes wrong, principally because we pride ourselves on maintaining our impeccable reputation. A reputable company with a tried and true product and customer service like us takes care to use the highest quality materials and workmanship, which helps us and our customers avoid warranty issues. But a trustworthy and reliable company like us is unfortunately an exception rather than the rule: therefore, be sure to choose whom you buy from wisely! Global Syn-Turf’s products are built to last! Global Syn-Turf has countless artificial grass products thriving today that were installed when the company was first founded in 2009. Call us today for more information on how to qualify.

Lead-free and Eco-friendly

Artificial Grass Tested and Certified

Highest Quality, Certified by Independent Laboratories

Our products and their components have been tested and approved by independent laboratories, certified third-party facilities. These laboratories included Testing Services, Inc., a Synthetic Turf Council-certified independent test lab, who tested our products for flammability when exposed to an ignition source under controlled laboratory conditions; Sports Labs, who conducted rigorous testing on tensile strength, artificial weathering, and greyscale color assessment in accordance with the Fifa Quality Concept Handbook of Test Methods for Football; and TraceAnalysis, Inc., who tested fibers from our products and detected the presence of lead in less than one part per million.